California Cleaner Freight Coalition

Promoting clean freight technologies in California to make communities healthy.



The mission of the California Cleaner Freight Coalition is to create transformational changes to the freight transportation system in California in order to protect the public’s health, clean the environment, and promote social justice and equity. We are a collaborative partnership of organizations committed to an inclusive membership, honest dialogue, respect for differences, and transparent decision-making. The Coalition includes grassroots environmental justice, environmental, science, and health groups.


The California Cleaner Freight Coalition advocates for the adoption of zero emission technologies everywhere possible and engagement of highly impacted communities in decisions that government agencies make on the freight transportation system. More specific goals are below. 


Adopt zero-emission technology mandates, fleet purchase requirements, cleaner fuels standards, and cleaner engine standards. 


Establish a framework for coordinating incentives and regulatory requirements for freight electrification. 


Require the next generation of infrastructure that will be necessary to achieve widespread transportation electrification. 


Protect public health and create job opportunities in communities that freight pollution heavily impacts.  


Our Members


The California Cleaner Freight Coalition Has been Active in CAlifornia Since 2013.

The California Cleaner Freight Coalition's members include a variety of environmental, public health, and environmental justice groups. Our members work to reduce emissions from freight at the local and state levels. Our member organizations are: 

American Lung Association
Bay Area Healthy Committees
Catholic Charities – Diocese of Stockton
Central California Asthma Collaborative
Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice
Clinica Sierra Vista
Coalition for a Safe Environment
Coalition for Clean Air
Comite Civico
Communities for a Better Environment
Ditching Dirty Diesel Collaborative
East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice
End Oil/Communities for Clean Ports
Medical Advocates for Healthy Air
Natural Resources Defense Council
Urban and Environmental Policy Institute, Occidental College
Regional Asthma Management and Prevention
Sierra Club California
Sunflower Alliance
Union of Concerned Scientists
Valley Improvement Projects

The California Cleaner Freight Coalition is also a member of the Moving Forward Network, a national freight coalition. 

We always welcome new members. If you are interested in joining us and learning about our work, please contact us


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